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Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone inaugurated


  Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone, which is 110 kilometers east of Shenzhen, was officially inaugurated yesterday, according to a report by DT News, the news app of the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

  In May 2011, Guangdong approved the establishment of the zone and conferred plaques to the Shenshan CPC Committee and Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Administration Committee to Shenzhen and Shanwei cities, marking the official operation of the zone.

  According to the approval, the special cooperation zone is an external agency of the Guangdong Provincial CPC Committee and Guangdong Provincial Government that enjoys the administrative power of a prefecture-level city and is jointly managed by Shenzhen and Shanwei cities.

  Shenzhen is responsible for the economic management and construction, while Shanwei is responsible for land requisition, relocation and social affairs.

  The zone covers four townships, namely Ebu, Xiaomo, Houmen and Chishi in Haifeng County, with 76,000 permanent residents. It covers 468 square kilometers, including 145 square kilometers of land for construction and 42.9 kilometers of coastline.

  In 2017, the provincial Party committee and government issued another approval to adjust the operation mechanism of the zone, requiring Shenzhen to undertake the economic and social affairs responsibilities, and render policy and resource support for the zone’s construction and development.

  In recent years, the zone has planned and built roads running 251 kilometers with a total investment of 50.2 billion yuan (US$7.4 billion). Among them, 27 roads have been completed, 19 are under construction and 35 are under planning.

  The zone gives priority to key and high-tech industries. At present, four industrial clusters in electronic equipment and product manufacturing, big data, new materials and new energy have taken shape.

  As for auxiliary projects, two schools integrating primary and secondary education have been planned and will offer 5,580 school seats. Beijing Film Academy and Shenzhen Polytechnic will establish branches there.

  Seven housing projects will offer 35,000 to 55,000 apartments.

  The major project of Shenshan Clinic of Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital has been completed and a 3A-level, the highest level, affiliated hospital to Shenzhen University is under planning.

  The hospital is expected to become a comprehensive medical institution for both research and teaching. It will provide 2,000 ward beds.

  The zone aims to grow into a midium-sized city in 15 years. According to an earlier report, a high-speed rail will be built to link Shenzhen with the central district of the zone. The rail will start at Xili Station and end at Shanwei East Station.

  From: Shenzhen Daily

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