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  Dear friends, it is my great honor to give a speech on Shenzhen, on this beautiful city we all love.

  Shenzhen is a city of miracles. In just 40 years, Shenzhen people, with their hard work and wisdom, transformed a small fishing village with only tens of thousands of residents to a beautiful, comprehensive and modern international metropolis with a population of more than ten million.

  Shenzhen is a city of innovation. It is a place for you to pursue your career and dreams. A batch of competitive and well-known multinational companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, Ping’an, BYD Auto, BGI Group, DJI, Royole and Kuang-Chi established their headquarters here. Shenzhen is the first national demonstration city for innovation in China. It is now developing itself into a national innovative demonstration city for sustainable development, hoping to become a city of innovation that is competitive in the whole world. As a rising international innovation center, Shenzhen has attracted a large amount of high-tech talents and skilled personnel.

  Shenzhen is a city of vitality. It is young, enthusiastic, inclusive and diverse. In this city where Chinese young people love most, you can get close to all China’s local cultures and enjoy the most internationalized business environment. Shenzhen welcomes all talents. Once you've come, you're a Shenzhener.

  Shenzhen is a city of green. It is situated between mountains and seas and the climate is warm and pleasant. With a coastline of around 260 km and 942 parks, Shenzhen is one of the most beautiful cities in China, enjoying a green coverage ratio in the built-up area of more than 45%.

  Shenzhen is a city of opportunities. It is one of the most dynamic cities in China in terms of economy. Currently, Shenzhen jumps on the bandwagon of development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, greatly develop economy in the Bay Area and work with other cities to build a GZ-SZ Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. Shenzhen is also committed to developing itself into an international center that excels in technology development, industrial innovation, financial services, advanced manufacturing, trade logistics and fashion innovation. Shenzhen is adjacent to Hong Kong and back by the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration which is the largest consumption market in China. Here, you can keep up with the times and connect with the world.

  Shenzhen has another beautiful name—Peng Cheng, meaning a Chinese roc. In this new era, we warmly welcome all of you here to share with us Shenzhen’s development results. I believe we can realize the win-win cooperation and create a bright future, just like a Chinese roc soaring into the sky.

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